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Reverend Jefferson was formed as a tribute in sound and spirit to the music of the legendary Jefferson Airplane. This mission soon became a point of departure upon a musical journey of exploration into terrains both familiar and wholly unknown.


Jefferson Airplane's music originated from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury hippie community of the late 1960's, but soon evolved into a sound which at once reflected that era's psychedelic ethos while virtually capturing the rapidly expanding revolutionary fervor of the times. Their 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow saw the arrival of Grace Slick- a beautifully irreverent (and often caustic) singer whose siren-song banshee wail propelled “Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit” up the charts. Her beautifully soaring harmonies, blending flawlessly with the voices of bandmates Paul Kantner & Marty Balin, became the foundation of the Airplane's sound- which soon wound its way deep into the consciousness of the American psyche where it's remained for generations.

At the urging of manager David Kramer, Reverend Jefferson was formed by longtime rabid Airplane fans who've conspired to create a labor of love. 

Vocalist Joanne Lediger has the power and skill to capture the intensity and nuance of Grace Slick's singing at the height of her powers. Ms. Lediger is able to bring Grace's ice & fire to life like no one else. 

Guitarist/vocalist David Frye has sung with Ms. Lediger for many years. They know each other's moves and are able to weave their voices together, melding powerfully and effortlessly.

Bassist John Cassano  studied with the Airplane's dazzling bassist, Jack Casady- and has also performed Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. Casady's influence on Cassano's thunderous tone and approach is evident upon hearing him.

Guitarist/vocalist Danny Lane brings to the band some of the fiery snap & howl reminiscent of Jorma Kaukonen's distinctive guitar-style while still managing to infuse the music with his own melodic sensibilities and ideas. 

Scott Petry is the rock- the foundation. A passionate and  well-seasoned drummer (who has been sharing stages and studios for years with Ms. Lediger and Mr. Frye in the NY-based Americana roots-rock band The Flying Jalapenos), Mr. Petry approaches his kit symphonically while driving the groove- supporting the music as it roars & whispers.
The latest addition to the Reverend Jefferson line-up is truly a major score for the band. Multi-instrumentalist,
Ken Harten has officially joined us on Keyboards and fiddle as a full time member.


With full soaring 3-part vocal harmonies and improvisational jams that range from thunderously powerful to psychedelically exploratory, Reverend Jefferson delivers the music of Jefferson Airplane like no other. Fly Reverend Jefferson- they'll get you there on time.



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