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Classically trained playing bass clarinet and E-flat Contra bass clarinet in his youth, John has always been a fan of the low end.
For the past 25 years John has played bass guitar in the strange combination of Grateful Dead bands (currently Reflections), Hot Tuna duos and Elvis Presley shows in the NY/NJ area. 

A Wetlands veteran John filled the bass roll in Lost Marbles, having played many Dead-Center Tuesdays. 

A six time repeat offender at Jorma's Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp, he is an avid fan and student of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna bassist Jack Casady. Also at the Ranch, John was given the opportunity to play Water Song with Jorma (click here to listen).
Always searching for the sound, John plays an Alembic bass as well as a Jack Casady Epiphone bass.

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